At Karlsson, we bring superior hand-crafted quality to the design and making of leather seats. Our solutions are tailored exactly to your measurements, space and style.


After we have gained a crystal-clear understanding of your requirements, our experts start with the most critical task of drawing the maps for craftsmen to follow. Whether it's for your car, living room or office, each of our leather seating designs take birth on paper. This ensures that leather is cut and crafted in a way which is accurate and fulfills what you really need.


Fixing planks of woods together to create a durable and comfortable base for seating is not typing. It's an expert's job.

Carpentry involves cutting pieces of wood, drilling holes and assembling them together – in a way which lays the foundation for a great leather seating. At Karlsson, we have a highly skilled team of carpenters who pay serious attention to detail, right from the start till the entire framing process is complete. They know how to turn woodworking into an accurate fit for strength and comfort.


The value of patterns can be best understood when marking leather. There's no room for mistakes when it's expensive leather.

Whether it's marking the center or tracing, marking requires both knowledge and skills. At Karlsson, we take marking the leather too seriously. If everything isn't aligned and marked in a precise manner, the slips will reflect in the cut later. Our experts have sound knowledge of how to work with different types of leather and wide experience with the use of new-age tools.

Cut & Needlework

The devil is in the details, so we take every tiny detail into consideration and make sure the cut and needlework are done to perfection.

Tailoring is an art and the dexterity displayed in our leather cutting and needlework proves it surely is. Our skilled craftsmen give leather the type of treatment it requires as it is cut and sewn. With the use of expert decision making, firmness and delicacy as required, leathers are given the right shape. When checked closely, the attention to detail is visible to the eye.

The art of covering

The elegant design and the hand-crafted quality of our leather seating products comes alive in how we do the covering.

Each seat cover is custom-made, and that's the reason covering has to be done keeping the specific requirements in mind. The precision of our covering ensures that you get exactly what you need and the functionality of your seats is not obstructed even in the least. Every time the important task of covering is conducted, our skilled craftsmen deliver a seamless fit. In short, the quality of our covering, in terms of look and fit, challenges the original upholstery.

The Karlsson quality

Each leather product that we design and create for you is simply a celebration of craftsmanship – driven by research and innovation.

Right from engineering till covering, we exercise full control over the entire process. Each one of our designers, craftsmen and other professionals are closely supervised and guided for consistently delivering top quality. Our production standards are at par with world class luxury standards. Whether it's for your residence, office or vehicle, our custom-made leather seats exemplify quality and craftsmanship.



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