Know All About Leather

Why Karlsson Leather?

Karlsson Leather was established in 2007 with the objective of producing high quality leather products from the finest leather hides imported from Europe. Our expert leather craftsmen, create products that guarantee impeccable quality, luxury and comfort. And our continuous quest for excellence and quality help us create products of unique and lasting value

Isn’t Leather hot in Summer and cold in Winter?

The high quality genuine leather upholstery that we offer adapts to the temperature in the room, and your body on it ensuring comfort.

Will leather crack or peel in time?

No, good quality genuine leather will not crack or peel over time with normal usage. Although it is the most durable upholstery material known to man, the performance will depend on the usage but it will outlast any other upholstery material. Well made Leather sofas will last for several years with a little bit of care.

Should I be concerned if my new leather sofas have some small lines or blemishes on the surface?

Markings such as scars, insect bites, wrinkles, veining are natural characteristics of genuine leather. Leather from our aniline range will show more natural markings, such as insect bites, scars and stretch marks, as well as minor colour variations. These colour variations can occur within the same hide in Aniline finish leathers. This is an indication of the authenticity of the leather, and should not be considered a defect. Actually, it should be treated as a 'mark' of true, high quality leather.

Is it true that cattle are not specially bred for their skin?

Leather is actually a by-product of the diary and meat industry. The largest consumer of leather is the shoe industry. Only about ten to fifteen percent of the world's hide production is used for furniture.

Will my pet dog or cat claws damage the leather?

Remember no upholstery is pet proof and we must take some care to avoid these issues.

Why is one type of leather more expensive than the other?

Grading of leather is based on several factors like the selection of raw material, finishing process. These are the broad categories of leather types.

1) Full Grain leathers are more expensive to produce because a higher selection of hides are used for this type of process. Full grain retains the original surface of the leather and no buffing or sanding is carried out. Karlsson offers a high performance full grain Nappa to retain the luxury feel without compromising performance.

2) Aniline Leathers are also full grain leather but with less pigment. Hence they are sensitive to dirt, will age and form its own patina with passage of time.

3) Top grain leather - Embossed grain leathers are less expensive to produce because the raw material selection is lower and defects are covered by sanding and buffing at the tanning process. However these leathers are less sensitive to dirt, have a higher performance level than aniline is and easier to maintain.

Why does the price of leather sofas vary so much?

A very important part of the final product's price is based on the leather's characteristics. As the grade of leather increases, the cost of the final product also increases. However there are many other factors that affect pricing including: dimension, style, leg type and stitching details. Karlsson spends a great deal of effort to make sure your sofa is aesthetically pleasing from every angle.

How many different types of leather can I choose from?

We import a wide range of European leathers for you to choose from. And we will also advise you on the choice of the most suituable leather based on your requirement.

Is Karlsson leather tested to international upholstery standards.

Yes. Our leathers are tested to and meet all European standards for upholstery by our European vendors.