Reclining Seats – Electric Mechanism

Reclining seats with an electric mechanism.

This offers the option of reclining the backrest and raising the foot rest. And changing the seating position as preferred.

There are 2 types of constructions

1) Wood to Floor – The unit rests on the arms ( as in a sofa ). This is the industry standard for home cinema seats and is also more stable. The mechanism is fixed to the frame of the unit. This system is excellent for sofas with recliners as well.

2) Mechanism to Floor – The unit is fixed on the mechanism which rests on the floor. This system allows a bigger degree of recline and makes a good personal chair or loveseat.

While purchasing, reclining seats check with vendors if the mechanisms used are Zero wall i.e the mechanism slides forward.  This is useful as you can place the back of the unit few inches from the wall and use it.

A single linear actuator ( motor ) is commonly used in these units.

Karlsson also offers custom layouts for luxury home cinemas.  And  also the more luxurious dual motor option for home cinemas and sofas. This is a wood to floor mechanism and is stronger than the single motor mechanism.  The dual motors operated by 4 buttons allows the user to operate the backrest & footrest independently.

Care must be taken to not sit on the arms of recliners or sofas as this can damage the alignment.

Get Luxury Cinema Recliners as per your custom layout.