Real Leather Upholstery in your car

The objective of  installing real luxury leather upholstery in your car is to enhance the luxury of the interior of your new or used car.  The reason should not be merely durability or hygiene as most real leather is durable. The property of high-quality leather  is a luxury feel that must be enjoyed. This is what makes superior leather upholstery a speciality product.

Re-upholstering is a process where all the existing soft coverings on the seats and door pads are removed and replaced. The existing fabric or leather covers are removed and custom covers are installed as per the original equipment in the car.  These are not the average slip on covers which are used on top of the existing seat coverings. This is a complex job depending on the model and make of the car. So it must be carried out by experienced professionals only. At Karlsson once an order is placed the leather hides are marked, cut and sewn as per the original design templates of the specific model of the car while ensuring the custom design choice. Subsequently on the day of the installation when a car comes in the seats and door pads are first removed by our skilled installers. The existing soft coverings removed and replaced with the custom leather covers. The fitment of the custom seat covers is directly on the foam and secured as per the contours of the seat. This is one of  the reasons why our seat covers are more comfortable and durable than the average slip-on covers. The soft covering on the door pads is also replaced with matching leather. Installation takes about 6 to 8 hours depending on the car.

Our high quality leather imported from Italy is luxurious to touch and offers superior comfort. The majority of car makers or car seat cover vendors offer a cheaper leather to lower price and increase volume. This compromises the feel & durability. Karlsson is a luxury boutique business that custom makes & sells direct to end users.  While choosing the leather in the aftermarket make sure that you pay attention to the feel, quality and thickness of the leather. This is what determines intrinsic value of your purchase.

Get your car seat leather upholstery custom stitched and professionally fitted.