Real Leather Sofa – Prices

As most of us know leather sofas are sold by vendors at various price points.

So as a potential customer what should you be looking for?

Sofa vendors are after all businesses and prices will depend on several factors. A large cost being the retail overheads & cost to market. As a prospect, your objective must be to get the best quality leather sofa. Be warned that to meet certain lower prices Leather Sofas are offered by some vendors with a “leather match ”  Or “touch leather” i.e. all contact areas in real leather and the remaining in a faux leather material. The downside here is that over a couple of years the color of the real leather & faux leather will vary. Also, the grade of leather used in the contact areas will also be of a lower grade as the objective is to strip down costs.

So always ask if the sofa being offered is 100 % real leather right around. As this can make a significant difference in prices.

The grade of  real  leather used is the single largest factor in the cost of the sofa. 90% of the sofas worldwide made on the assembly line use heavily corrected grain leather in thickness of 0.9 to 1 mm. So while all real leather will  last longer than faux leather the feel of a lower grade leather will not be luxurious. We recommend a leather that is at least 1.2 mm thick as the thicker the leather the more the durability. Keep in mind that a leather sofa is a luxury product & it must feel luxurious to the touch. So look to  purchase from a vendor who offers you genuine leather with a more natural soft feel.

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