Sofa Construction – All Karlsson leather sofas are made by hand, one piece at a time. Once the leather hides are cut & sewn as per the design template, a single master craftsperson upholsters the entire piece from start to finish, unlike large production line factories where different workers are assigned to making inside arms, outside arms, inside backs, outside backs etc.

Frames – Sofa frames are constructed using solid oak and sometimes mild steel depending on the design.  High-quality Plywood is used in areas which cannot be done with solid wood. The sofas all have horizontal support beams between each seat. For example on a full-size 3 seat sofa there will be two horizontal support beams for both the backs and seats reinforced with corner blocks. All frames are backed by a 10-year warranty as per our warranty policy.

Spring Support System – We use an elasticized webbing spring system.  This system is the standard in the high-end sofa industry in recent years.

Why not an 8-way hand tied coil system which some furniture makers market as the gold standard?

This 100-year-old system is more a fallacious appeal to antiquity than a real benefit to the user. In the old days the seat cushions were made out of coir, down, horse hair, cotton & wool. These materials do not have the resilience ( unlike modern foam ) which relates to comfort and depends on the coil springs below the seat cushions to make them comfortable.  The 8-way hand tied coil system also requires more space within the structure hence making it suitable only for bulky sofas. Sleeker designed sofas cannot use this system.  These are among the reasons that make this old system less viable. The durability of the 8 way hand tied system is also not significant when compared to modern foam cushions.

Cushions – Our sofa cushions are built with a durable heavier high-density lux foam typically used for high-quality seating.


Legs & feet – We offer both natural wood & 304-grade stainless steel options.




Karlsson leather sofa construction

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