Upholstery Leather – The word Leather by definition is processed animal hide. And bovine leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industry.  About 80 percent of the global production of leather is consumed by the shoe and small leather goods industry. Sofa makers have a much smaller share.

Artificial leather is a somewhat misleading term as this is essentially a plastic derivative like PVC and is not leather. Real leather is among the most durable upholstery coverings known to man. Millions of years of evolution have made leather hard to replace with artificial materials that can offer the same benefits. Luxury Leather that is supple and not heavily corrected or pigmented will adjust to ambient temperature quickly.  Correction is a process to increase the cutting yield where the surface of hides is buffed to remove surface damages and synthetic filling agents are used. This is an important point to note because all leather is not processed the same way. Heavily corrected upholstery leather will not feel luxurious to the user. So a soft and supple feel is generally an indication of better quality.

Upholstery leather that is processed with the objective to enhance the feel and, therefore, less corrected is able to  maintain the equilibrium between body temperature and surface temperature. This translates to a luxury feel. However, hides that are not heavily corrected reduce the cutting yield of the hides and increases costs for the sofa maker.  This is why a majority of the large volume sofa factories globally use a heavily corrected upholstery leather and the feel is compromised.

Karlsson “Luxure Nappa”  is a European bovine upholstery leather processed & fully finished in Italy to a matte and glossy look. It is then imported in the form of fully finished uncut hides by us.  No refinishing of this upholstery leather takes place at our end and we merely cut and sew. Our leather is not a heavily corrected leather and has a luxury feel.  And is tested in Italy to meet necessary European upholstery standards prior to shipment.

It’s good to keep in mind that Nappa is a generic term used for any soft leather. There tends to confusion as some vendors in the car seat cover business sell a leather with a hard feel & a hair cell flat print and call it Nappa.

The good thing is that one need not be a leather expert to distinguish quality and all you have to do is feel the leather.


Upholstery leather hides
Upholstery leather hides
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